The famous musical by Leonard Bernstein will be projected in the Parisian cinema, accompanied by an orchestra of fifty musicians. This new form of entertainment is becoming more and more popular. A new form of entertainment that can be seen on the big screen a film in original version with subtitles while listening to live music played by a symphony orchestra, and sometimes even a choir. There are some months, Emmanuel Ethis, specialist in the sociology of cinema, explained the film concerts of definition in the pages of Le Figaro: “Some say that this definition gives too much space and importance to the movie part, relegating music to the strict background. Others counter that the term of concert film should be reserved to the accompaniment of silent films. In reality, it is a sight device living in its own right, combining film and music to give each discipline to do differently.” He especially evoked the emergence of a specific audience to such cultural events creating a unique atmosphere.

First appearing in France in the early 2010s, the merger between the cinema and the symphony experienced live by spectators is an artistic concept increasingly popular, although it is very complex to achieve. “Technically and financially, it takes two years,” says Jamie Bernstein, daughter of the composer of the soundtrack of West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein, Le Parisien. “For years we hoped to show the film in this way, but we had to wait for technology allows separate dialogues, sound effects and music, and remove the last of the band,” says-t she from New York in Le Parisien.

In France, it’s Gerard Drouot has bought the rights to the popular musical from 1962 to exploit it as a concert film. When asked by our colleagues, the producer says more about the development of this kind of show. “It’s artistically exciting, but it is still financially risky, he says. Between the cost of rights, the price of the orchestra and its repetitions, the rental of the Parisian venue, the financial balance is not easy to find. Tickets are expensive because the orchestras [21st Century Symphony Orchestra, Editor’s note] are important and you can not do some dates in Paris. But I dream to tour with some film concerts. ”

The Philharmonie de Paris will offer, in turn, the masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey, in cine-concert on 30 and 31 May, while the National Orchestra of France should invade a congress center with projections in music Titanic. This band has also planned to attack another cult film, The Godfather, which is found at the Grand Rex on 2 and 3 October this year and the first part of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl), expected to dock at the prestigious cinema Grands Boulevards late March. Suffice to say that the cinema concerts have the wind in their sails.