Norwich Managed IT supportCapgemini and its subsidiary  Sogeti  have been major players in the Airbus industry for decades. Sogeti has been under the direction of Helicopters Airbus (formerly Eurocopter) for six years now, with contracts for security as well as the partial outsourcing of its IT infrastructure. “This outsourcing mission started five years ago now,” says Patrice Roy, who is the employee responsible for the Capgemini Group relations with Airbus. “During this period, the needs of Helicopters Airbus have increased, even though they have added many industrial applications and streamlined and consolidated their infrastructure in Marignane. ”


This outsourcing contract is awarded in competition periodically and Sogeti has gradually evolved its offering to go to the solution  PrivateCloud, which eventually obtained the attention of CIOs Helicopters Airbus. “It is not, strictly speaking, an infrastructure change, but rather an evolution.We go somehow to a higher dimension, “adds Patrice Roy. This contract, the value of which can be estimated at tens of millions of euros, relates to storage systems and computers that have been consolidated by Airbus Helicopters at its site in Marignane. “We charge the services provided on the layer IaaS, depending on volumes and related performance metrics. Furthermore, we charge application services for applications which we have been entrusted outsourcing, SAP R3, PTC Windchill, Microsoft Sharepoint, Tibco, etc.” Meanwhile, Sogeti continues to provide a number of services in the field of security for the industry.


A fully variable contract, in “Pay per use”


The contract has not been officially disclosed, however we do know some details. A spokesperson has been quoted as saying,”We offer a catalog of services to Airbus Helicopters. The amount will therefore depend on the consumption of these services by its entities and there is no minimum. During the previous contracts, some had significant amounts, others a little less, everything is related to the industrial business and that is that the strong point of this contract to Airbus Helicopters, we are really using a  Pay per use model.” The pay per use model has been effective in other businesses, from international cell phone service to Norwich managed IT support.


To ensure such flexibility to its powerful customers, Sogeti – and its partners – installed in data centers of Airbus Helicopters approximately twice the initial power requirements for industrial applications. It was the only way to meet the flexibility demanded by the ISD. “The main feature of this contract is the flexibility” insists Patrice Roy. “For us to make intelligent fixtures implement architectures, have the right agreements with the suppliers of servers and storage equipment that they too must play the game to ensure this flexibility Airbus Helicopters. We needed to ensure flexibility found in the public cloud, but on private and secure resources. ”


So, if Airbus needs a new program, its engineers will have to demand new collaborative environments, new spaces of storage and deploy new services. ISD will also be free to decommission applications and infrastructure and better able to stick to its real needs. “The customer is free to stop services, delay or advance the launch of its programs, and billing automatically adjusts to these fluctuations.”


Currently dozens of engineers ensure that the outsourcing of infrastructure and applications of Airbus Helicopters is on 24/7 mode. The contract with the manufacturer includes up to four different intervention levels by application, with levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which are both functions of the criticality of the application and the desired level for each class users. For now,  big data, a topic not yet very advanced  in aircraft maintenance, is not part of the solutions covered by the contract.